Thermal Imaging Camera Brisbane

While conducting the termite inspections there are some places where inspection couldn’t be conducted because of the factors like light or if the places are too narrow to conduct inspection on. These places are inspected through some advanced methods of building inspection such as thermal imaging method of inspection. Here in this method all the places where inspectors can’t look for termites and pests by their usual process, thermal imaging camera are used by them.

This method can be conducted by only licensed inspectors and the inspectors at Building And Pest Inspection Brisbane are completely licensed and well trained to carry out the latest equipments and inspections. We constantly carry out inspections in almost every part of Brisbane, so you can be rest assured of our sincerity towards the work.

This Building inspection is conducted on stairs, floors, roofs, backyards, basements specially, between the wall spaces etc. Houses that are made up of completely raw bricks are carefully inspected with the thermal imaging method. We also send you the reports within 24 hours of inspection so you can also start the safety measures towards your home.

Following are the uses of conducting thermal imaging inspection on your property:
  • This method is completely non-damaging to your property so you can be completely relaxed regarding the process.
  • Compared to other methods of termite inspection, this method is comparatively more effective and also is more affordable.
  • This method of thermal imaging can be used for finding the hidden nests in your property
  • By combining this method with various other methods, the overall building inspection becomes very cost effective and reliable and also speedy.

Following things are detected from the thermal imaging method:
  • The absence of insulation from the walls is found out through this method.
  • All types of leaks are found in the property through this inspection process.
  • All the defective and faulty electricity wiring is found.
  • All the unnoticeable plumbing leaks are found through this process.
  • All the wall damps and floor damps are easily found with this process.