Daniel. W
“I am very satisfied with the work I was offered at such affordable rates. I got the inspection done and within 16 hours i got my reports along with all the necessary photographs. Reports were really easy to understand and along with reports I got the personal guidance too from the inspector who conducted my inspection. Highly Appreciated!”
- Daniel. W.
Sarah. K
“I was suggested to get my inspection done by a friend before purchasing a new property so I got Building And Pest Inspection’s reference from a friend and called you guys. Just after my booking confirmation these guys started the inspection. I got the inspection done with a day!! Yes! And also i was very happy with the process and the fee structure of Building And Pest Inspection.
– Sarah. K
Kaitlyn Tilley
“I got the services in the area that is not quite close to suburbs without adding any extra charge to the overall bill. As well the services were highly effective to me. All the work was finished within a day and all the reports were received within 20 hours of inspection. Great help, Cheers!!”
- Kaitlyn Tilley.
Julian Biscoe
“I would happily recommend the services of Building And Pest Inspection to everyone around who is seeking for inspection services. I got my property inspected to get dilapidation report and all the reports were really helpful to me. I served the reports as legal aid when I was accused for damage claims. I was saved from the legal formalities. I am so thankful to you guys.”
- Julian Biscoe.
Jordan. P
“Great service, Highly satisfied. Got the work done in no time! Reports were clean and easy to understand. Thank you team, you guys were really friendly!”
– Jordan. P
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