Strata Inspection Brisbane

A report stating all the financial matters of the building along with all the management matters and all the past building problems etc is called strata inspection report. This report also states all the future plans of the building. If any construction or demolition is planned in the building along with any future improvement plan all these aspects are mentioned in the building report. All the taxes that are to be paid by the management and all the pending levies are mentioned in the strata inspection report.

All the questions that are covered in Strata Inspection report:
  • Are the special taxes of building paid or payable?
  • Is there any construction or demolition work planned for building?
  • How much tax is pending and payable?
  • What is the amount of fund available in corporate account?
  • Are there any defects pre known to management before the inspection?
  • Is there any insurance policy for building taken and if yes till what amount?
  • If there is any workers insurance fund managed by the building?

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