Questions and Answers

1. Why should I carry out building inspection on my property? Is it essential?
The inspection is carried out by our licensed inspectors who have many years of experience in inspection field. Inspection results mention all the detail damages so you can work on the improvements.

2. What is the time slot of the inspection process?
As soon as you hire us for your inspection work we start on inspection and within 48 hours we finish the inspection. We submit the report within 24 hours of inspection.

3. Can I stay with the inspector while the inspection goes on?
Yes of course you can stay with our inspector while he carries out inspection so you can also see how sincerely our inspectors conduct inspection.

4. Can I stay in touch with the inspector who carries out the inspection?
Yes you can stay in touch with the building inspector who conducts your inspection for any queries or doubts.

5. Does your company hold a building inspection license?
Yes we are completely licensed and all our inspectors are also fully licensed and hold many years of experience.

6. How do I cancel my appointment?
You can cancel your appointment by calling us within 24 hours of the time when appointment was fixed. If you fail to cancel your appointment within 24 hours you have to pay the cancellation charges.

7. Are the photographic reports available?
Yes, we do provide photographs along with the report where necessary and all the details of the photographs along with.

8. What if I am not able to understand the report?
We are giving the reports that are very easy to understand having minimum of the technical words and even after that if you are unable to understand you can always contact us so we can explain you the same.

9. Through what medium you send the reports?
We send the reports through email within 24 hours of inspection and if you want hard copy of the report we do provide that. Hard copy is chargeable.

10. Do you pay special attention to any area of the property if requested?
Yes, you can always instruct our stuff if you want any special attention on any area of your property, we do not charge extra for that.

If you have any other question that is not mentioned here, kindly main us your question and we will answer!