Privacy Policy

We are doing more efforts in keeping our user’s personal information safe with us. The main reason for doing such thing is that to het the trust of users and which is the most important thing. We take personal information as in name, phone number, address. But when any user wants extra information from our side then we have to tell them to do the registration process on our website for getting the detailed information.

That time when any user has the requirement to know anything about our website then they go for making the registration process and do the registration process in which they have to share their full personal information in detailed manner.

The personal information which is asked to fill while the registration process is user’s full name, user’s full address, users full phone number, users full email address. This detailed information of hat user helps us a lot in giving them the required feedback with the information which they had asked from us about our website.

We also keep our users information full secured by keeping them in the personal database which is never accessed by anyone. This will make our users fully satisfied with the concern of their personal information sharing with any other person. We never share your information with any one unless we get full confirmation from your side to share them with third party users.