Pool Inspection Brisbane

According to the Australian government it is mandatory to get the pool safety certificate. Pool safety certificate is given by the pool inspector who conducts the pool inspection. It is mandatory for all private property owners to get the pool inspection done and get a pool safety certificate. At Building And Pest Inspection Brisbane we have expert professionals who have hands on experience for conducting pool inspection and getting you the pool safety certificate. We have conducted such experiments on thousand of properties in Brisbane, so you can be rest assured about our working ability and hard work and results.

We give away the inspection reports within 24 hours of the inspection. All the essential aspects of pool safety are covered in the report. As per the law, it is mandatory for all to get the pool inspection done, if anyone fails to get the certificate it would be considered lawfully offensive and fine can also be charged on the owner or any legal actions can be taken.

Following are the consequences for not having the pool safety certificate:

If owner doesn’t have the pool safety certificate: If the owner fails to get the pool safety certificate it can affect the selling process, the selling process delays if the pool safety certificate is missing. Not having pool safety certificate can delay the process of selling by almost 90 days after the settlement.

If you are the landlord: : If you are wishing to rent your property but don’t have the pool safety certificate, then as per the law you can’t give your property to anybody on rent. Even if the property is already on rent, the tenant or owner has to get the inspection done and get a pool safety certificate.

If you are the management / Body Corporate: : Every time any property transaction takes place the management has to get a pool inspection done to get pool safety certificate.

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