Pest Inspection Brisbane

Pest Inspection is one of the most inspections that should be carried out on property at regular time intervals. Pest inspection should be carried out at least once in a year so that the place you are living in remains pest free and safer. Pests are of different types and in residential space generally two types of pests are found i.e. the pest that are created due to fungal deposits and other are termite pests.

If you are going to buy a new property then it is essential to examine the pest in the property as pests can be really dangerous for the kids and all family members residing in your home. Our inspectors at Building Inspection And Pest Inspection are highly experienced and have their hands on experience on all types of termite and pest inspections. Pests and termites can also cause the structural weakness if the property has wooden floor. This inspection is mainly conducted on the property that is made up of bricks.

The pest inspection in your property includes the following details mentioned by building inspector:
  • The report states any structural damage caused by pests and termites and all types of other defects on internal walls, external walls, on roof tops, roof void and on the floor and subfloor. Complete room analysis is conducted and all types of areas where it is possibility of pests is checked and report is made.
  • The type of pests is identified in this inspection and details about all types of pests are given to you.
  • All types of timber pests are found in the property during the inspection and all types of wooden damages done by are also found out.
  • If any timber pest is found, all types of remedies against its demolition are found out by doing research and finding out its origin points as well.
  • This report is completely legal and all types of legal advices are mentioned in the report by our building inspectors.
  • All the references are given for the further process to secure your property.