Dilapidation Report Brisbane

Dilapidation report is carried out by an expert having many years of experience in conducting dilapidation. This report is carried out by the owner of the property or the person living on rent to make sure the building is capable enough of handling the strength of construction or demolition work. Dilapidation report is only performed by an expert who has conducted these reports earlier.

At Building And Pest Inspection Brisbane we have team of professional experts having all the required licenses and all types of necessary equipments for carrying out the inspection. Dilapidation inspection is also essential in legal matters. This report stands as a legal aid if anyone claims their damages against you. Dilapidation report is a legal document which has signatures of both the parties involved in the inspection such as owner who hires the inspector and also the inspector who is carrying out the inspection. Also a document is signed between owner and inspector before the inspection starts that states the current condition of the building including measurement and all the aspects of building.

This inspection is conducted by measuring the structural strength of the building before the construction and after it is done. Also if any construction work is carried in the neighbour buildings a check on them is also made. This ensures the safety level of the building on whom construction is to be done. This report includes essential details such as measurements of the building, important notes of the building, all the photographs of the building, and all the diagrams of the building. This report gives a guarantee for all legal aid if your property is accused for any damage claim.

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