Building Inspection Brisbane

The process undertaken to inspect the overall condition of the building is called building inspection report. This report is carried out by the building inspector who conducts your overall building inspection. This report helps in taking decision about the future planning of improvements of building and all other important decisions about construction and excavation or demolition. All types of pest and termite inspection are also covered in this inspection.

At Building And Pest Inspection Services Brisbane our staff is completely trained for such activities and all the inspectors are highly experienced and well educated from well renowned institutes. The entire inspection is carried out according to Australian Standards.

After conducting the entire building inspection we suggest you or advice you all the safety measures that are necessary for you to take to make your living environment for comfortable. The entire inspection process carried by us is according to the Australian standards set for the building inspection industry.

Following aspects of your property are covered in Building Inspection Services:
  • Checking of whole interior area of the building.
  • Checking of whole exterior area of the building.
  • Examination of the building’s roof top or rood void.
  • The exterior roof area of your property is also examined.
  • Examination of complete area of the property.

All the details are provided to you in a precise Building Inspection Report within 24 hours of the inspection and all the damages and remedies to them are mentioned in the report.

The conclusion of the report is as follows:
  • Each room is analysed separately by the inspector and all the defects and damages are found by the inspector and advices for the damages are mentioned.
  • Examination of all the electric appliances is done and the damages in smoke alarm, fire alarm, hot water facility system, and gas alarms are found and the steps to fix them are also mentioned in the building inspection report itself.
  • As all the major faults and damages are mentioned all the solutions to those damages are mentioned in the report itself.